Welcome to EpiXelWorld

By Marco a - Posted Oct 2, 16

Welcome to the 1.10 minecraft survival server EpiXelWorld!

As of the release of 1.10 we will be hosting a survival server. Our goal is to create a hard survival experience for serious Minecraft players who want to work hard. 

Ip adress:

We, the server staff, strive to have a 24/7 uptime and deliver a lag less experience. To accomplish this, we will be needing some money to pay our server invoices. Therefore, we hope some of the player purchase things in the shop. Also we want a large amount of players in the server so we hope that all the players are willing to vote for our server to make it grow. Making purchases and voting will of course be rewarded by in game items. These rewards will not be discouraging you to for example enchant your own diamond swords because we promise to not make this server pay or vote for overpowerd stuff.

Why us?

-We have an Anti-grief system, so you can't be griefed. Only you and your friends (you can trust) can edit the area that you have claimed.

-We are a new Minecraft survival server, so the map issn't griefed.

-We don't have lagg and are 24/7 online.

-We work hard to get the best play experience.

-We have a EndReset plugin so everyone can kill the enderdragon

-You don't have to walk a lot for a nice place to build your house. Just teleport to a random location.

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